One of the best parts of my day - coming home to this little dude.

I love this little lady - I feel like that could be me, in cartoon form. 

Don’t quit your day job

I’m not sure if it’s the heat and the lack of outdoor activities I feel like participating in during said heat, but I feel like I need something new to go on in my life. 

Today, my father asked if I was still freelancing… I haven’t done so in a while, but I’m on the fence about getting back into it. I just had so much other stuff going on last year that I let it go… and perhaps I need to get back into it.

And I got to thinking about careers I’ll probably never have, but would like to do. One of which is comedian. Perhaps it’s the narcissist in me, but I think I’m funny - and I seem to make others laugh. Maybe I’d be good at it.

Sorta feeling like this little dude right now - sleepytime. I miss that Harley is bigger now. But homeboy was perfecting his playboyness at 4 months. 


Let’s see how long I can commit to posting on this new toy on the Internets. Gotta start somewhere.